This  is the place where I open my heart and give you a bigger picture into who I am and why I
do what I do. So here it goes!

My   name is Katie and I’m a songwriter and author. I’m also a daughter to two amazing parents,
the youngest sister to four siblings, an aunt to thirteen nieces and nephews, and a single woman
who loves Jesus and is prayerfully preparing for my hubby. We are your typical big fat Greek family! We are
loud and in each other’s business pretty much all the time, but I love it that way.

 began writing songs since before I was eight years old. My passion eventually took me to
Nashville where I learned a lot about the industry as well as myself. Turns out I received the
most fulfillment penning songs that uplift others.

My   desire to encourage others through the written word is what sparked my interest in writing a book. Well, that and the fact God was leading me that direction. I knew if I could
use other outlets in the writing world to reach more people, I needed to do it.

feel truly honored and blessed to be a part of the bigger picture of what Christ is doing in
people’s hearts and lives. Whether it’s encouraging others with messages of hope or praying for people, it’s a blessing for me to work with God through it all.

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